Welcome to Blind Origami,

the website that tries to teach the ancient art of Origami to the blind and visually impaired.


This tutorial site is targeted towards visually impaired origami beginners, though sighted experts will hopefully learn something as well.

All terms, folds, bases, and models will be described using only text, and will provide links to information about the various concepts when they are mentioned.

To begin your journey into the world of Origami, you can start with the basic vocabulary, begin to learn the various bases, or just jump right into one of the explained models referring back to the additional resources as needed.

When ever you come across a concept you need to learn or review, you can click on the concept, and you will be directed to a page containing information about the topic. Then, once you finished going over the info, you can click the previous page link, at the bottom of every page, to return to your learning!


This website was created by Robert Eggleston, using Github Pages, at the end of July 2021 as his final project for the NFB EQ program.

The NFB EQ program is a four week engineering program for the visually impaired, run by the National Federation of the Blind, in which students practice their spacial thinking skills by learning about a range of topics including technical multi view drawing, puzzles, legos, Menger Sponges, and origami.

At the end of the program, the students create projects demonstrating what they had learned in a learning resource designed for the rest of the blind community, Robert, obviously, chose origami.